• I prodotti HerbSardinia sono cruelty-free. Nella scelta dei suoi ingredienti HerbSardinia non commissiona nuovi test sugli animali.

    La nostra linea di produzione biologica è concepita nel pieno rispetto dell'ambiente. Di conseguenza imballaggi, astucci ed etichette sono realizzati in materiali sia riciclati che riciclabili.

  • HerbSardinia products are cruelty-free. None of our formulations are tested on animals.

    All our packaging is eco-friendly, made from specific materials that are both recycled and suitable for recycling.

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Stile Italiano – HerbSardinia Organic Cosmetics

“Sardegna: A Place like no other.” D.H. Lawrence.

Are you familiar with Sardinia?

The scent of myrtle and helichrysum, the crystalline sea, the wind and the singing of seagulls.

I want to introduce you to another organic cosmetic company, HerbSardinia, the first organic cosmetic company in Sardinia,
the famous island in the Mediterranean. It uses natural raw materials that respect the environment, and that are processed with advanced and certified techniques.

Luigi De Fraia, founder of HerbSardinia, tells his story.

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