• I prodotti HerbSardinia sono cruelty-free. Nella scelta dei suoi ingredienti HerbSardinia non commissiona nuovi test sugli animali.

    La nostra linea di produzione biologica è concepita nel pieno rispetto dell'ambiente. Di conseguenza imballaggi, astucci ed etichette sono realizzati in materiali sia riciclati che riciclabili.

  • HerbSardinia products are cruelty-free. None of our formulations are tested on animals.

    All our packaging is eco-friendly, made from specific materials that are both recycled and suitable for recycling.

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Organic certification

From the heart of Sardinia, the organic cosmetics for your well-being

HerbSardinia is the first company in Sardinia to have been awarded the CCPB Organic Certification for its range of high quality Natural Cosmetics, made only with organic essential oils and ingredients native to Sardinia’s most aromatic floral and herb varieties. HerbSardinia organic phytocosmetics are formulated and produced according to the highest quality standards and controls, and the company’s priority is to maintain the balance of the organic and natural components in its products.

As a result, HerbSardinia Organic Cosmetics are ideal for sensitive skins as they contain no SLS or SLES, synthetic perfumes, colorants, parabens, preservatives and chemical components. The aromatic note is due to the 100% pure organic essential oils mixture.

Few people know that nowadays companies can easily mislabel a product as “natural” or “organic” if it contains only a small quantity of natural ingredients (just 5%). In this case they do not need a certification in order to state “natural” or “organic” on the packaging. This can be very misleading for consumers who can’t read the INCI (ingredients list on the packaging). And so unfortunately cosmetics which simply bear the words “natural” or “organic” provide no guarantee of authenticity.
With the CCPB certification the percentages are reversed:  the product must contain at least 95% of organic ingredients, while the remaining 5% ingredients can be non-organic “allowed” ingredients.HerbSardinia is proud to be the first company in Sardinia to have been awarded the CCPB Organic Certification for its range of high quality Natural Cosmetics.
CCPB srl was the first Italian inspection and certification body to be acknowledged by Natrue. CCPB srl is an independent entity which operates in the sector of conformity assessment for agro-food products and “non-food” products in general, obtained both from organic farming and from eco-compatible agricultural production.
With regards to “non-food” products, CCPB works with Cosmetic products since 2004. CCPB also works as impartial auditing organisation (type A) in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17020 standard. CCPB is able to certify organic products for the widest possible range of international markets because of the accreditations and authorisations which it has received over time (United States: NOP – National Organic Programme; Japan: JAS; Canada: COR – Canadian Organic Regime; Switzerland: Bio Suisse; United Kindom: Soil Association; Germany: Naturland; Sweden: Krav)

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