• I prodotti HerbSardinia sono cruelty-free. Nella scelta dei suoi ingredienti HerbSardinia non commissiona nuovi test sugli animali.

    La nostra linea di produzione biologica è concepita nel pieno rispetto dell'ambiente. Di conseguenza imballaggi, astucci ed etichette sono realizzati in materiali sia riciclati che riciclabili.

  • HerbSardinia products are cruelty-free. None of our formulations are tested on animals.

    All our packaging is eco-friendly, made from specific materials that are both recycled and suitable for recycling.

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Solidarity scent

Sardinia is worldwide famous for its unique scents. The ones of its land so rich and strong and the unmistakable ones of its sea. HerbSardinia is proud to provide, beyond its organic cosmetic line, the most authentic perfumes of Sardinia as well with the wonderful perfume of solidarity.
And indeed, every ceramic burner is one of a kind and handcrafted by the ANFFAS disabled (Families Association of Relational and Intellectual Disabled) in the Pordenone laboratory.

For each ‘Solidarity Scent’ burner sold, a percentage of the profits will be devolved by HerbSardinia to ANFFAS.

They created and decorated this special burner that – apart from diffusing the intense and healthy Sardinia’s scent – is easy to use and operate, and also reminds us of those less fortunate than ourselves.
The unique mix of Sardinian essences is expressly selected by HerbSardinia to payback the smelling emotions that Sardinia’s lovers found on our island in all its beauty and strength.